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Let us take you on a journey of your own...

With all the wonderful amenities the beautiful island of Ibiza has to offer one crucial thing was just missing......

"Journeys Gastro Bar"

 The philosophy of our gastro bar extends beyond tradiotinal bar concepts, emphhasizing a fusion of cullinary excellence with the social ambiance of a bar. We prioritize high-quality, inventive food paired with a curated selection of beverages. Creating an atmosphere where to enjoy unique flavors in a more casual and conivial setting

If you are one of Ibiza's hardened seasonal workers, with that attached "Love  & Hate" relationship for the island and its shenanigans, or are you  one of Ibiza's many visitors, here to enjoy the  wide range of night-life and the enormous offer of fine hospitality establishments?

A visit to Journeys gastro bar is certainly not to be missed!



Our gastro bar concept rooted in the belief that food in a universal language, capable of forging unforgettable connections and creating cherished memories.

We meticulously craft our menu to celebrate diversity, drawing inspiration from global culinary traditions and infusing them with our unique touch to create a tapestry of flavors that tantalize the palate.

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At Journeys Gastro Bar,our barphilosophy isn't just about serving drinks; it's a narrative of craftmenship, innovation and conviviality. 

Our wine selection showcases a harmonious blend of local and international varietals, carefully chosen to complement our fusion dining experience.

Natural Ingredients...

At Journeys gastro bar, we  passionately believe that the foundation of extraordinary cuisine lies in the quality and purity of ingredients.

"Nature's bounty, crafted to perfection"

by carefully selecting our produce we ensure that only the freshest, ripest and most vibrant components find their way into our kitchen.

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Our Journey... 

Besides a dedicated team of hospitality lovers, we are a energetic team of creators, where we don't limit ourselves to serving our clients with just a culinary experience. We enjoy fun & vibrant atmospheres, and try to incorporate those feelings as much as we can, where ever we can!

" In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different"
                         - Coco Chanel