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Lunch menu

13:00 / 19:00

Our lunch menu is a culinairy journey blending fresh flavors, high- quality ingredients & culinairy creativity. Our chefs infuse their passion, knowledge & craftsmanship in to each individual dish, leaving you with an ensured feeling of satisfaction and a desire for more...

"Good Food is one of the prime ingredients of good living"


 Our gastro bar offers a lunchtime atmosphere that effortlessly blends comfort with sophistication. Step inside and feel the vibrant energy to enjoy over a relaxed lunch, catch up session with friends, or  a recharge for another one of those ibiza nights....

Small bites

per 3 units.


Crispy rice    

: Salmon, mango & pickled onions 

€ 16,50

: Tuna, smoked egg yolk, wakame & wasabi   

€ 18,-

Steak tartar
parmesan, quill eggs, & seed crackers.
€ 19,-


Changing flavors

€ 14,-

grilled Octopus, fresh pico de gallo & cilantro creme.
€ 18,-

Shrimp & sesame toast 

crispy shrimp toast with black and white sesame seeds and A rice wine & curry creme

€ 18,-

To share or not to share...

Quinoa & grilled peach salad
Yoghurt and mint dressing, pecan nuts & alfalfa
€ 12,-


Flatbread, burrata, tomatoes, jamon cocido & pesto pistachio
€ 17,50

Jamon platter
Iberico Jamon, Served with artisan bread, grated tomatoes & olive oil.
€ 22,-

Steamed buns 

Served with .........


Chicken & mushroom potpies

Home-made potpies  filled with Chicken and mushrooms stewed in white wine & crispy chicken skin
€ 14,-

Chicken curry soup

Served with flatbread and raita

€ 14,-



Raspberry choux with white chocolate & pistachio
 € 10,-

Lemon merengue pies 
 € 12,-

Caramel, banana & cheesecake tartlets
 € 12,-

Brownies, chocolate ganache & pecan nuts
€ 10,-

Apple Tart-Tatin, vanilla crème & hazelnuts
 € 13,-